Our Team

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Jama Ketcham, Co-Owner

Serving Ketcham & Co. as the lead interior designer through each of the stages of development, Jama assists each client in crafting a vision and seeing it come to shape throughout the life of the project. Following childhood passions of imaginary home building to playfully sketching the floor plans of her parents’ home renovation, Jama has always possessed skill and talent in the home design, build, and remodeling field. After years of personally and successfully seeing many projects from first thought to finished home, Jama is excited about helping clients find the freedom to make decisions that intentionally reflect their style and way of life.

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Geoffrey Ketcham, Co-Owner

As a licensed contractor with studies in Building Science and Economy from Auburn University, Geoffrey oversees and maintains the operation of Ketcham and Co.’s projects. Geoffrey has pursued interests in International Sustainable Agriculture and sees many connections between the dedicated mission of farming and the care and tending of an evolving home in its’ stages of construction. Personally, along with his wife Jama, he has managed the renovations and new builds of many homes over the past decade and holds fast to the belief that a realistic budget and timeline make all the difference in the health of a project.

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Katie Duffey, Interior Designer

Katie works closely with Jama on the design side at Ketcham. She brings technical expertise that is unmatched in the office. She has a keen eye for the beautiful but is equally skilled at providing technical drawings — allowing Ketcham & Co. to provide clients with in-house plans for various projects including kitchens, bathrooms, porches and more. Katie recently graduated from the University of Alabama and enjoys the freedom and creativity that working in design brings.

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Beth Hubrich, Director of People + Everything Else

With more than 20 years in the client service industry, Beth is usually the first person you speak with at Ketcham. She handles day to day operations including scheduling, client questions, making appointments, permitting, keeping the office stocked with goodies and everything in between. Beth assists in making sure that clients have a thorough understanding of the process and that the office is organized and running smoothly.

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Mike Casement, Director of Pre-Construction

Mike has been involved in building and commercial real estate most of his life and holds a degree in construction management. He has a deep understanding of both function and form and understands the need for things to be both practical and beautiful for today’s busy families. As Director of Pre-Construction, Mike is a true problem solver and provides essential guidance both to the Ketcham & Co. team as well their clients.

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Mary Beth Wagner, Chief Financial Officer

Mary Beth has over 15 years of experience working in the accounting world and is a CPA. She has held several positions within the accounting industry, including other construction companies, which makes her a unique asset to the Ketcham & Co team. She is adept at financial strategy and is an integral part of keeping client projects on budget. Best of all, she serves every client invoice with a smile! Clients can’t help but enjoy being billed.